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Akira left his hometown to go to Tokyo to study at university. Three years of student life have passed in the blink of an eye, and the day of the graduation ceremony has finally arrived. On the way back with his friends, he suddenly saw his stepmother Ryo standing in the distance, smiling at him. Akira couldn't hide his joy when the mother he had long missed appeared. Ryo suggested that they both go out for a drink to celebrate Akira. Because she was so happy, Ryo drank too much so Akira had to take her back to the hotel. In fact, Ryo knew Akira's feelings for him, not only mother-daughter feelings but also male-female feelings. And as a graduation gift, she gave him a hot and passionate kiss, allowing him to treat her as a woman and make love to her...

Graduation gift from stepmother to her husband's stepchild
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 Actor: Ryo Ayumi